I love wearing my color of the day and I have way too many tops in my closet to prove it. But accessories are another way to give yourself a little spark of the right daily color and these work especially well when the color of the day isn’t ideal for your skin tone or hair color. In that case it’s better to wear the color farther away from your face–a bracelet or a tote bag for example. But accessories aren’t only for colors you don’t feel are ideal for you. If you’re wearing black on a blue day and turquoise suits you, then a big turquoise necklace can be stunningly right. Of course food is another wonderful way to bring daily color into your life. Flowers. Nature. Imagine visiting a field of sunflowers on a yellow day. Seeing a fiery sunset on an orange day. Bliss! And what about your home? There, I would go with the Yearly colornumber: bringing in a set of sheets, throw pillows, silk flowers, a pair of special coffee mugs….

As a graphic designer and  lightworker, color is a big part of what I love to do. I’ve enjoyed painting in watercolor and all kinds of design and decorating. Nature (especially flowers)  inspires me with its infinite shadings.

I have lived with my colornumbers for at least two decades. Observing my own experiences, I had to acknowledge that numerology, this ancient system of accessing insight, actually seems to work. Practitioners of numerology are in general agreement about how to calculate personally significant numbers and about the energetic “meaning” of each number. Emotional and psychological qualities of color are also generally agreed upon by color theorists and others who intuit such correspondences. For example, we all mostly agree on the feeling of red. Matching up colors and numbers then becomes a pretty straightforward procedure of matching up the qualities of each.

I hope this site will introduce more people to the fun and insight of knowing their own daily colornumber.

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