as a Chinese jar still moves in its stillness — T.S. Eliot

Six is Dark Blue. Today is a day to stay close to home and take care of whatever needs to be done.  I’m guided by a vision of home that is beautiful, comfortable, and functional. This is actually a vision of ideal beauty on a small scale. We are invited to take responsibility and be accountable for the quality of our lives. It’s important to find the balance in this vision between perfectionism and acceptance. Dark Blue is also the energy of the Joy of Living which connects us deeply with the earth. It is a day to be grounded–not the best day for travel.  A joyous day for refining our little bit of paradise.

Here is a palette of dark blues. Check your hair color. Is it light or dark? Is it a cool or warm tone? (For help, see the Color Me Beautiful site “Find Your Season”).

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